12 April 2017

RIP Lucinda Ebersole

Dear Readers of Cookbook Of the Day:

I am sorry to pass along the sad news that Lucinda Ebersole passed away on March 20, 2017 after a three month fight with cancer.

Lucinda loved writing these posts but was unable to do so the past several months.

I hope that you enjoyed reading her posts over the last few years.



  1. I enjoyed reading this blog very much. She will be missed.

  2. I enjoyed this blog too. She will definitely be missed.

  3. Thank you Lucinda! I have so appreciated my time with you. Smile. I shall miss your wit.

  4. Richard Peabody is selling her books. Would you like to buy all her cookbooks and sell them as a fundraiser?
    "The late Lucinda Ebersole owned 11,000 books. Apparently no local dealer can handle that large a collection. It's mostly Literary with many contemporary signed volumes, along with a lot of feminist studies, lesbian and gay authors, cookbooks (she had a cookbook blog where she wrote about individual volumes), gardening books, art books, photography books, etc.

    One item is a one of 800cc signed volume of Virginia Woolf's Orlando. These are listed on ABE if you want a peek. But this volume is sans slipcase and if anybody is interested please get back to me."

    1. Contact Richard at rchrdpeabody9@gmail.com


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